Don’t let YOUR family stories fade away.

Give your family a gift of a lifetime. 

Legacy videos are a powerful and personal way to preserve and share your life story, your values and your memories for future generations.  Capture voices of love ones and perspective, sharing stories in a way that is authentic and meaningful.  It will provide a window into the past and a way to connect with your family’s history and traditions.  It’s a chance to pass on experiences and lessons to future generations.

Full Legacy – A video biography captures filmed interviews.  It will tell your unique story and ensure your family and friends remember the characteristics, unique traits and memorable events in your life.  It will provide a bridge to the past, a priceless gift for your immediate family, your friends and generations to come.

Video Options:

Family Story – A video that captures filmed interviews of family members together with family photos, documents and other home videos.  The result is a beautiful memoir capturing your loved ones sharing the priceless stories of their life journey together.  An heirloom to be cherished for years to come.

Mini Story – A video of a specific event that you want to preserve, using your own video clips and photographs.

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