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Salem Hat Men Club

We’ve all heard of the ladies group called “The Red Hat Society”, right? Well, Salem Baptist Church in New Lexington is the only church in our area, or maybe in the country with it’s own Men’s Hat Club. And what a fabulous group of men!!!

How did this club start, you ask? It started organically, which means it just happened naturally on its own. No one said, “let’s start a men’s hat club”. We believe Mr. Jesse Porter was the first. Men just started wearing their hats. One by one it grew and grew and is still growing, we hope.

How do you become a member of the Men’s Hat Club, you ask? You don’t have to be bald. 🙂 You don’t have to be a certain age. We have very young and “not so very young” members as you can see from the picture. Ugly or handsome. Tall or short. The only requirement is that you attend church wearing your hat. Not in the sanctuary, of course. But anywhere else on the grounds. And, sorry ladies, but this club is reserved for the fellas.

Our church is so blessed to have so many men who actively use their talents to serve and provide what is needed to have a loving fellowship of believers at Salem Baptist Church. And ladies too. I am so proud, blessed and grateful to be part of this gathering of people. We share laughter, we share each other’s difficulties and we celebrate life events together. I’m honored to sit on the pew on Sunday and at the meal fellowship on Wednesday Bible Study with this special group.


Photo Front Row Left to right: Noah Skelton, Jr., Seth LaFoy, Gage Kirkland, Allen Nabors aka Chang, John Norris, Benny Martin. Middle Row: Bob Sellers, Ron Kirkland, Jr., Ron Kirkland, Sr. Back Row: Dr. David Hinton, Skeet Boone, Jesse Porter, Philip Suttles, Jody Pinion. A few members were not present for this photo, including my brother, Larry Williamson, who is currently battling lung cancer. If you are inclined, please lift him in your prayers. Thank you, Becky


Salem Baptist Church is located at 13481 Shiver De Freeze Road, Berry, AL (behind Big Al’s Restaurant ).

Pastor: Bro. Clyde Stevens



  1. Samantha Living

    The photo was taken at Salem’s Homecoming on June 9, 2024

  2. Melissa LaFoy Sullivan

    How wonderful! A wonderful fellowship for men.

  3. Phyllis Olive

    Good writing Becky Dean! Haha. Salem has a great group of people.

  4. Clyde Stevens

    Great Ms. Becky!!!! Thank you!!!!

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