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Who remembers Cabaniss Gro.?

Who remembers Cabaniss Gro.? It used to sit where Crossroads is now. Thank you Brian Fortenberry for sharing this photo with us. We like to remember the past.  Can you identify the folks in the photo?  About what year do you think it was taken?

The memories I have of going to this store with my daddy as a little girl are:
1. Mr. Cabaniss smoked a cigar.
2. There were always men hanging around talking.
3. The rock front building was always intriguing to me because it was different than anything else around.
4. The floor was always dirty. (LOL).

Please share your memories of Cabaniss Gro. In the comments below or better yet, send an email with all your memories and the history of this historic Samantha business and we will do a full article. [email protected].


  1. nell o

    8455 charlie shirley rd

    • nell o

      It was in the early ’40’s and I was a child about 8 years old with my Daddy when he stopped at Mr Oscar’s store to purchase a few gallons of gas for an old truck. It was hot, and Mr. Oscar brought me a nugrape out to the truck. My Daddy could not afford that luxury for me and I never forgot it.

  2. Charles E Beams

    This is great! Hope to see a lot more in the near future. Thanks

  3. Charles E Beams

    This is a awesome history lesson along with the others! A lot of this I’ve never heard of before now. Keep up the good work and I’ll be reading. Thanks

  4. Samantha Living

    COMING SOON! Delbert Reed did an interview with John Manly several years ago and he is going to share the article with us soon. So keep alert for it in the near future.

  5. Tammy Nuckols Booth

    The lights were single light bulbs and he turned them on when going inside to do business and cut them off and back out front when the customer was done.

    • Samantha Living

      And that was before we were told to conserve energy. 🙂

  6. Samantha Living

    Received this information from Forgotten Alabama — 1963: Cabaniss Grocery in Samantha
    This rock store stood at the corner of Hwy 43 North and Northside Road in northern Tuscaloosa County. John Manley Cabiness is standing to the left. His father, Oscar Cabiness (with glasses), is standing in the doorway. The store replaced one that was once part of the Stagecoach Exchange at what was then called ‘Marcumville’. Far left is John Manley Cabiness, next sitting is his father.

  7. Patty Woodham

    As a child in the early 70’s, it was something special for us to go to Cabaniss store to get a bag of lemon cookies. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them anywhere else but I thought they were the best things in the world.

    • Samantha Living

      Aren’t those kind of childhood memories great? Thank you for sharing

      • Patsy Cabaniss Roseberry

        That is my Uncle Oscar, 2nd from left, with his straw hat on. My Dad was his youngest Brother Clint. We moved to Mississippi when I was 5 years old. Enjoyed visiting around in the summers with my West and Cabaniss family.

        • Samantha Living

          Thank you so much for your information. We appreciate you letting us know.

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